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Video Dedication to Masakazu Yoshizawa

Masakazu Yoshizawa and Hiromi Hashibe played this concert at Matsuri in Phoenix, AZ in 2007 on February 24.

Several months later Masakazu Yoshizawa passed away. It is a terrible loss for all of us who knew and love him and his music.

You can download ISO image of the DVD from this page and use any program to burn the Video DVD or to mount the ISO image on your computer to watch this video.

This disk is free for personal use only, and it's not for sale. Please respect our Video Dedication to Masakazu Yoshizawa and our efforts to make this video available for you.

To restore the ISO image download all 4 parts, then use WinRar, Rar for Linux, MAC, DOS, Rar for OS/2, any other system, or any other archiving software understanding this format.

Masakazu Yoshizawa - Dedication.part1.rar

Masakazu Yoshizawa - Dedication.part2.rar

Masakazu Yoshizawa - Dedication.part3.rar

Masakazu Yoshizawa - Dedication.part4.rar

Kokin Gumi

Masakazu Yoshizawa, Hiromi Hashibe, and Tateo Takahashi